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Real Estate, A Noble Profession Jan 2022

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Ever wonder if the work we do as a real estate agent is part of a profession or part of an industry? Let’s look at the definition of each:

Profession:  A group of qualified people who practice a particular set of skills. To illustrate, advanced skills/training to prepare one for a specialty such as attorney, engineer, doctor, and, Oh yeah, real estate sales.

Industry:  A group of companies  that all work on similar things. To illustrate, the automotive industry is a collection of companies and organizations all working with cars and car-related products.

Professionalism requires advanced learning or advanced skill sets specific to the job. As a real estate licensee, we are part of a profession. The profession is the livelihood; being the professional is about personal values.

So what is it that provides this level of belief in buyers and sellers that they would choose you? With 35 years of sales experience, one thing I know for certain . . . people are ‘assessing machines’. What I mean by that is, we begin measuring a persons behaviors, tone, mannerisms, eye contact, even hand shake, appearance, and more, for validating a decision . . . is this someone I can trust? Feel comfortable with? Has the skills, experience, ability to see me through successfully? Or not?

And while they are busy sizing you up, you are sizing them up. Right? Now might be a great time to review your Code of Conduct and determine what you want to communicate to grow your client base in 2019.

Clean, wholesome, comments are welcomed.

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