Classroom Continuing Education


Our courses are updated before each class ensuring that we present relevant, trendy information along with practical application in a fun and engaging workshop style of classroom. The time flies by! We know agents will leave with knowledge they did not come in the door with and we will learn from them as well. We bring the class to you or schedule it our classroom. See instructions below for sponsoring your next CE class in your training room.


We aren’t just educators – we are practitioners; we care about you and the profession. Your success is our success. Our agent testimonials tell us that teaching through our experience and practical business applications has been most beneficial to the working agent.


ADRE requires a minimum 14-day notice of a class which means we need to coordinate location, date, and start times for the selected class with you and the selected instructor. Click on the ‘schedule’ option next to the class you have selected. A ‘pop-up’ menu will appear listing info needed to begin the process. Once complete, a message will be sent to the school. We will begin coordinating with the instructor, schedule with ADRE and include you in the communication loop. If you have questions that need an answer before scheduling, please call Marti at 602 363-2960.

Course Category Description  
Real Estate Law-Update on Recent Changes Schedule
Disclosure Law Schedule
Americans with Disabilities Schedule
Building your Business Schedule
Bill Gray-Market Update-Dec 18, 2019 Schedule
Preparing the Listing Contract Schedule
NAR Code Promise Schedule
Bill Gray-New Trends in Contract Writing Schedule
Real World Arizona Real Estate-Salespersons Prelicensing Schedule
A Disclosure Journey Disclosure Schedule
Bill Gray AZ Fair Housing FH Schedule
Escrow Dynamics & Case Studios FH Schedule
Disclosure Requirements-Bill Gray FH Schedule
AZ RE Investment Group Meeting FH Schedule
Bill Gray Class-Real Estate Disclosure Law-9/16/2019 D Schedule
August BMC Package D Schedule
August CE Package D Schedule
Disclosure Requirements D Schedule
Disclosure and the RE Professional Disclosure Schedule
REAL WORLD AZ REAL ESTATE-Salesperson Prelicensing Course Disclosure In classroom pre-licensing education in an engaging interactive learning environment. Includes the required hours plus study tips, test taking strategies, a free review and one hour of one-on-one tutoring. Taught by practicing Real Estate professionals
  • All Required Hours by Law
  • All Material–no additional text book charges
  • School Exam (can be taken as often as necessary to achieve success)
  • 6 Hour Introduction to Contract Writing Course (Required by law-$35.00 Value)
  • 1 Hour “one-on-one” tutoring if needed ($60.00 value)
Commissioner's Standards-Bill Gray's Class-Aug 14th 9am to Noon CS Schedule
IDW-Methods, Techniques & Styles CS Topics: Student Interaction, technology Uses, Impact of Case Studies, Managing the Classroom, Tips for Addressing Large Audiences. Meets ADRE requirement for becoming an Instructor.  Not eligible for CE credit. Schedule
Real World Appraisal 2 CS Schedule
Agency Law-Protecting The Rights of Buyer's and Seller's A Schedule
Real Estate Market Update-Bill Gray LI Opens with the latest Market Data for the area; Impact of New Laws such as the effect of tax laws, Licensing Reciprocity, the FinTech Sandbox created by Gov. Ducey; Blockchain technology, what is it, who is using it and how is it impacting the industry? Schedule
RESPA & Real Estate Agents LI Consumer Disclosure Requirements, Changes and Impact on Industry, Who or What is Exempt, Hot Points of Scrutiny by RESPA, Common Violations by Agents Schedule
NAR Code of Ethics FH Fair Housing Ethics; Important Changes to the Code; Hot Topics; Impact of Social Media; Off-market Listings and Case Studies Schedule
Advertising & Social Media CS Photoshopping gone too far, Use of Signs, Impact of Coming Soon or Delayed Listings, Common Rules Violations, Tips for Managing Risk Schedule
Advanced Agency A Advantages of Agency in Building Client Confidence, Client Responsibilities, Agent responsibilities to Broker & Client, Managing Risk, Recent Issues, and Case Studies. Schedule
The Nuts & Bolts of HOA'S A HOA Duties to Homeowners, Rights & Responsibilities, Agents rights for Signage, Agents managing their risk Schedule
The Listing Contract A Understanding the Legal Terminology, Tips for negotiating length of listing, Commission Discussions, Pros & Cons of IDX exposure, Written Word is What is Enforced, Managing Risk & Investment of Time Schedule
BMC# 3-Broker Supervision & Leadership Dynamics CS Schedule
BMC #2-Policy Development & Enforcement Dynamics CS Schedule
BMC #1-Foundational Dynamics CS Schedule
Preparing for the Listing LI Tips for preparing for that important listing appointment;  What are the Seller’s Obligations; What are the Agent’s Obligations; & Commission discussion.   Schedule
What's Goin' On? LI Overview of Arizona: Current issues and impact on the agent;  Working with the new business models;  & Growth areas.   Schedule
Fair and Just Fair Housing FH Agent responsibility for protected classes; Understanding the ADA and Group homes; Service versus support animals; & Case Studies.   Schedule
Disclosure Creates Trust D Building relationships thru disclosure;  Meeting client expectations;  Relying on MLS data;  & Managing the transaction.   Schedule
When In Doubt D Case law impacting the industry; What must be disclosed? Protecting your client; selecting reliable Resources; Practice Cases   Schedule
Disclosure & The RE Professional D Importance of disclosure; Increase client confidence; Agent duties; Client responsibilities; & Use of resources.     Schedule
The Six C's of Purchase Contracts CL Understanding the legalese; What the client needs to know before signing; When is there "legal notice"; & Duties of the Primary Point of Contact. Schedule
Contract to Closing-Contingencies, Clauses & Cures CL Trends that affect successful closing; Seller Concessions; BINSR Issues;  Release of Earnest Money;  Delivering a Cure Notice;  & Breach of Contract.   Schedule
Building Your Business and Professionalism CS Easy steps to creating successful business strategies;  Utilizing legal and ethical standards; and Defining You and the future of your business.      Schedule
Rules of the Road-NAR Code CS Brief History; Purpose our Code serves; the REALTOR® Promise;  Most recent updates; Complaint process; Current Case Interpretations. Meets NAR Biennial requirement.   Schedule
New Homes Sales & Resale Agent A Different Agent duties; Sales differences; Builder and resale agent relationship; Types of Builders; Understanding the “threshold rule”;  Benefits and Challenges of a new home   Schedule
Agency Relationships and Arizona Law A Establishing the agency relationship; Agent’s legal responsibility;  Explaining Agency to your clients; Managing your risk; & Case Studies.   Schedule